Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey died the other day. He and I did not agree much on politics, but I did like his broadcasting style.

I liked his style so much that when I had a radio talk show on WCOD-FM in Hyannis, MA in the mid 1970s, I blatantly imitated it. I “borrowed” his pauses to set up the kicker line, the little rise in pitch for impact, even the type of stories he would pick. I, too, looked for the odd or unusual item to pique interest.

I still use some of the tricks I learned from Paul Harvey in my classroom delivery.

I haven’t listened to Paul Harvey much in the past 30 years, and this morning, when I heard of his passing, it took me back to being a 23-year-old novice trying to sound like the old pro, but I never really got close.

Never got close at all.

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2 Responses to Paul Harvey

  1. Ira Socol says:

    Funny, I never agreed with Paul Harvey on much but, way back when (when you were in Hyannis perhaps) I was an Alternative School kid in New Rochelle, NY getting my social studies credit by working with the overnight news guy on WVOX – then located in the basement of what was then New Rochelle’s tallest building. I learned a shockingly huge amount, including an appreciation of Paul Harvey’s attention-holding delivery, because, the guy I was interning with was a huge fan.

    Oh those days of reel-to-reel cut-the-tape editing, of one-track cartridges, and of racing around lower Westchester and The Bronx in an old Ford “Ranch Wagon” with a flashing yellow light on top.

  2. educationontheplate says:

    Yes, those days were a blast. I don’t know how radio-active kids have fun these days, what with all these new-fangled digital recording and editing tools (I’m really starting to feel like a geezer and I don’t like it).

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