Celebration now, come on!

This has been a week-end of celebrations.

Last night was my son’s fifteenth birthday, and I celebrated it by actually seeing him for the first time this week. I leave for work before he is awake enough to come downstairs, and this has been hell-week for his high school’s musical, Disco Inferno. Hell week means rehearsals after school until 11:00 or later every night. I try to be asleep before then, what with the alarm going off a little after four each morning.

Disco Inferno, if you’re not familiar with it, is a Faustian comedic-dramatic musical set in and around a London disco during the summer of 1976, and its filled with platform shoes, ruffled shirts, double-knit polyester leisure suits, and the beat-driven lyrically weak music of the era, including the song Celebration, originally done by the Trammps.
Jonas has acted in several shows, but this was his first time working as a member of the crew. He celebrated opening night by going to what appears to be the first of a series of cast parties all four nights of the show. I got to see Jonas for the ten or so minutes it took to drive him there. I celebrated that, and staying out past midnight for the first time since New Year’s Eve by going to bed as soon as I got home. I would have stayed up until he came home at 2AM, but I had to get up early to catch a 6:15 train into the City to attend another, bigger, celebration.

Today was the second day of the Celebration of Teaching and Learning, an annual two-day teacher professional development marathon (actually more interesting than it sounds) and education trade show. I attended several sessions dealing with autism, including a speech by autism celebrity Temple Grandin. I al scored four tote bags (!!), the stereotypical teacher trade-show loot, and two t-shirts, one of which fits me. Celebration!

I also learned precisely how hard it is to find people in a crowd when you don’t know what they look like, so I had another celebration(!) when I finally managed to meet three of the new friends I’ve made on Twitter (where I’m known as spedteacher): @LParisi, @Karenjan and @CSouthard. Its usually nice to put faces and in-person personalities to on-line friends and this was no exception.

Now all these celebrations might lead you to think I’d want to put on my dancing shoes, and boogie down, but I have a different kind of celebration in mind. Man, I absolutely know how to get all the way down and have a CEL-LE-BRAYYYYYY-TION!

I’m going to bed.

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2 Responses to Celebration now, come on!

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  2. Lucia Meyerson says:

    Yeah! I found your blog “Celebration Now, Come On ” through alternate approaches. CTL..Celebration of Teaching and Learning.. So glad you attended. It’s a new world..In my day, not so long ago, these conferences were few and far between… I note that you are interested in “Autism” . I too am fascinated by this syndrome. I read Temple Grandin’s book ” Thinking in Pictures” and was stunned by the revelation that someone with Aspergerg’s Syndrome, aka, high- end autism, could step outside themselves, ( the antithesis of the syndrome) and analyze their plight from an outsiders prospective. Her will and drive to analyze her personal plight is awesome. Autism is enigmatic. Some people diagnosed with this syndrome are mentally retarded, some are idiot -savants and have pockets of intellectual genious, functional or not, and some, like Temple Grandin, are above average, even super bright, and are trapped in a mental abyss and must swim to the surface to breathe for air. She is one of my heros.

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