Perfectly Qualified. Or Not.

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I’ve been married almost 27 years to the same woman and I just realized she is perfectly qualified for a career I’ll bet she’s never thought of pursuing.

She’s out of town on business today so, of course, I’ve been thinking about her.

I think about her when she’s here, too, but a different though came to mind this morning.

She has this odd little behavior that, when I’m in a good mood, is charming.

She loves to cook and is very creative and accomplished at it, but she often uses the wrong tool for things.

For example, she usually uses a spatula to lift chili out of a saucepan or pot.

Yes, her chili is thick and she does a good job serving it onto plates using a spatula, but it would be far more efficient with a spoon, slotted or otherwise.

Sometimes she uses a spatula (it is her favorite tool, it seems) to serve something for which it doesn’t work at all.

This all reminded me of something and I realized that my wife is highly qualified for an important job, especially as it is being performed lately.

She could be an education policy maker.

Add in that she knows little or nothing about education history and she meets all the criteria of most of the people doing that job today.

I wonder how it pays?

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6 Responses to Perfectly Qualified. Or Not.

  1. menchacakhan says:

    Why dirty another spoon when the spatula can get the job done? I enjoyed today’s post. 🙂

  2. I chuckled and wondered if you are in the same situation we are in Ontario where there are very little consequences for student absences, late assignment, and incomplete assignments; and a gradual reducing of credit integrity. I long for the days when their were logical consequences for students not doing what is expected of them. Of course, there are still consequences for teachers! Even though there’s a huge societal problem that is affecting students’ progress, teachers are asked to justify their number of failures, classroom practices, etc. Hey, how about looking at the attendance before asking these questions. I’m not against developing great teaching practices, and expect others to do the same; it must be acknowledged that attendance is a HUGE issue. I believe lax policies have gotten us in the boat to begin with. It’s time to bail out!

  3. The wife in question says:

    AHEM. Chaka Kahn up there has the right idea: it’s often for the sake of not getting something else dirty. And, yeah, we’re all sick of the phrase “think outside of the box,” but who legislated kitchen tool rules? If the spatula works, use it.

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