The End of an Era


It is over.

It didn’t even last five full months, but it is over.

Kathie Black, the woman Mayor Bloomberg said was the best person to “provide the leadership our school system needs to carry out our reforms,” resigned as schools chancellor today.

Her appointment, despite having no experience in education, was justified by Mayor Bloomberg who, in a letter to the State Commissioner of Education, said her “broad range of experience and skills to solve complex problems in the face of controversy, motivate staff, communicate with and bring together diverse constituents, manage labor relations, use data in decision making, and create and maintain a culture of change and excellence” qualified her for the job.

In fact, he call repeatedly called her the only person he even considered for the job because she was the best candidate.

But Ms. Black never developed credibility with parents, teachers, administrators or any of the other constituencies involved in the NYCDOE. Her popularity plummeted from what never were high levels, but as late as Monday the Mayor said he didn’t care what the polls said because Ms. Black was the best person for the job.

I guess now we’ll get the second best.

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4 Responses to The End of an Era

  1. Greggor says:

    This is precisely why our educational system is in trouble; they believe they can run it as a buisness model and have Govenors and the like appoint the zars.

  2. Miss Crabtree says:

    Black could not even respond respectfull or tactfully to employees and parents. When asked what she may have seen (in her 35-40 visits to schools since taking the position) that she found particularly worrisome, she could barely formulate a response. Finally came up with this: She was alarmed that in one school someone did not stop to pick up some scraps of paper on the floor. Really? That’s what worries you? Littering?

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