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…pays for about 1/10th of one second of advertising in the Super Bowl this year.


…pays for 1.5 seconds of the US’s involvement in Afghanistan.


That’s my budget for library media for this entire school year.


That includes all audio-visual materials, books, magazines/ periodicals/newspapers, maps/globes, tapes, microfilms, and computer software for use in the library.


That’s $6.25 per student enrolled in the school last October.


That $6.25 per student rate was set by the NY State legislature in 1999.


US total inflation from June 2000, to June 2011 is 30.93% according to inflationdata.com


Inflation in the rate budgeted per student 0%


“Most school libraries managed to escape the economic trials of 2010 largely unscathed––with the exception of those in high-poverty areas, which saw significant declines in spending on information resources and in collection size.”
American Library Association report on the State of American Libraries.


My school is in the poorest Congressional district in the nation.


Perhaps I should be grateful that my budget has not gone down.


I’m not.

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4 Responses to $4704

  1. DrMarty says:

    That is terrifying.

  2. Vera Rulon says:

    Wow. Unbelievable. How do you do it? Is it even possible?

  3. Chad Sansing says:

    Compared to what we spend per intervention license, $6.25/child is a paltry sum and entirely unacceptable. We pay the vendors before we invest in our kids, schools, and communities. It’s time for that to stop.

    Thanks for speaking up Deven – I hope you and your readers will join us in posting at http://occupyedu.tumblr.com to share out your challenges to the system to do better by learners and learning.

    All the best,

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