Hello world!


Just what the world needs, another blog, but you’re here reading so I might as well start writing.

I am Deven Black, a native of New York City This is a blog about my passions: learning, teaching, food & beverages. I hope you share at least one of these; if not, you probably don’t want to keep reading because while this blog will stick a toe — perhaps a large one — into other waters (parenting, politics, media ecology and more), those four passions will be the dominant subject matter.

I became a teacher when I was 50-years-old because I finally connected the dots between everything I’d done earlier and found a new passion. I had always been passionate about learning despite having dropped out of high school (twice!)  and dropped out of college, all before turning 17. I was what some call an autodidact, but my learning was far from a solo effort because I was fortunate enough to have well-educated and thoughtful interlocutors and guides along the way.

That is what I hope to be in this blog, an educated and thoughtful questioner, guide and advocate. I count on you to let me know how I’m doing by commenting on anything that pleases, infuriates or otherwise grabs your attention.

One more thing; I’m new at blogging and will try to do it well, but there are bound to be some missteps along the way. Please let me know of errors, typos or bad grammar as I am sure there will be many examples. I am used to having an editor make me look good but will not have that luxury here. Look forward to a different design and other changes in the look and feel of Education On The Plate as this somewhat old dog learns the tricks the younger dogs already know.