Technology Leadership Day

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Ok, I’m getting this in just under the wire. Today a bunch of bloggers are writing about technology leadership in education and I wanted to do that, too.

I love these little projects where a bunch of people with different perspectives all write about the same topic. Its always so interesting to read all the different blogs because I always learn something new. I love to teach so I want people to learn something from my blog also.

I’ve known about this leadership day thing for about a week now and I’ve been trying really hard to come up with some intelligent perspective on the topic.

I’m not a quitter, but I’m giving up on this.

I just don’t have anything of interest to say on the topic of technology leadership in education.

That’s probably because I’ve yet to see any.

Oh well. There’s always next year. I hope I’ll have something to say by then.

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5 Responses to Technology Leadership Day

  1. Paula Naugle says:

    You might not realize it but you said a mouthful. Sadly in a lot of schools there is no technology leadership. When I was viewing your Twitter stream to see if I wanted to follow you, I definitely liked what I saw. Yo are another classroom teacher who is willig to go in to his classroom and try to embed technology no matter what obstacles might pop up. Become the tech leader at your school.

    (I did push the Follow button.) Looking forward to hearing about your journey and sharing with you.

    • Deven Black says:

      Actually, I had a pretty clear idea of what I was doing.

      • Paula Naugle says:

        That’s good to know. LOL

        I used Skype a few times last year to connect my class with another 4th grade class. We compared our trips to our respective state capitols. Did a verbal compare/contrast of the buildings. Had many technical difficulties but the kids loved it.

  2. Rob Jacobs says:

    You said a mouthful in one sentence.

  3. John Faig says:

    I think that knowing what you do NOT know is valuable. Hopefully, it will motivate you to have a great post for next year.

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