All This Talk of Reform is Making Me Cranky

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Today is blog for education reform day and I’ve spent a week trying to think of what I wanted to say about education reform.

I’ve been reading a lot of the other blogs participating and have been duly impressed by the level of conversation and the ideas expressed.

It is all leaving me very cranky.

I know education reform is taking place somewhere but where I work I’m not seeing it. Oh wait. Is all that testing reform and I’ve just not noticed it? If so, I’m sorry, I’ll try to pay more attention in the future.

Here are some additional reforms I’d like to see.

1. I’d like all the students in my school, my city, my state and my nation have equal access to exotic things like math books.  I’m tired of reading about one-to-one laptop programs here and there when the kids down the hall from my classroom don’t have math books but all the other 6th graders in the school do.

2. I’d like to see the smaller class sizes the City promised and was given extra money to accomplish.

3. I’d like to see the reductions in paperwork the city has been promising for years. I’d much rather spend my time gathering materials and planning than filling out forms.

4. I’d like to see my employer pay for the supplies I have to buy every year. It used to be chalk and stuff like that, now it is hard drives, cables and other things to keep the small amount of tech I have access to so my students might not fall ever further behind the more prosperous part of the populace.

I know these are small things and not what anyone is really thinking about when education reform is the topic, but if we can’t get the small things done can we really expect the big things to happen?

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4 Responses to All This Talk of Reform is Making Me Cranky

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  2. Brian Bartsch says:

    I would like to see parents give their children a somewhat healthy breakfast. Last week I had a student eating potato chips with two sides of chocolate milk for breakfast. Two periods later he was falling asleep.

  3. I too would like to see less talk and more action. Talk is very cheap – and getting cheaper by the day. All of the groundless chatter is making me cranky too!

    You are right! Let’s push for action on the small things and quit wasting time talking “pie in the sky.”

    Whew! I feel better.

  4. Bernetta Collins says:

    I agree with Deven Black, things that he has discussed you run into in many schools today. The school boards are pre-occupied with finances and the laws making the little things just slip through the cracks. Also paperwork is ridicules. It takes away from instructional and planning time unless you don’t have a life outside of school and take your work home everyday. Not to mention materials.

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